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Company History
Durban Blacksmith started in 1969 as a Blacksmith Shop. The company enjoyed steady growth and in 1982 became a metal pressing factory. Today, we supply components to a range of industries that rely on our expertise for safe, world class products. We also have an in-house Tool and Die Making facility. This facility manufactures for all our in-house needs as well as for external customers. In 2003, Durban Blacksmith identified the need to become ISO 9001:2000 compliant and forged ahead to achieve certification. The Company continues to grow and is proud of the profile that it has achieved in the industry.

True to our name ‘Durban Blacksmith’, we still today, light a traditional blacksmith fire to sharpen Chisel and Moil Points for the Construction Industry, as the need arises.

The factory is situated in Jacobs, in the heart of Durban's industrial district.

We operate under a policy of continuous improvement to our plant, technology and people. This is our key to staying competitively priced, while offering quality products, highly efficient services and delivery. With a progressively minded management team and staff our commitment and service to our customers, is the key to our success.

Company Management
The management team consists of three key people.

Ashton Henry Martin

A born and bred Durbanite, Ashton has had 27 years of entrepreneurial success. He has build Durban Blacksmiths into the dynamic company that it is today. His success rests on the long term relationships that he has forged and nurtured. Some of his major clients have been with him for more than twenty years.

The staff loyalty to the company, many of whom have been employed by Durban Blacksmiths for more than twenty years, testifies to the stability, trust and loyalty that Ashton has managed to build into the company.

Ashton is the major shareholder of the company.

Les Hesselman

Les brings a wealth of technical expertise to his position. He manages the workshop operations and is responsible for delivering products that reach the high quality standards of the company. Les completed his Tool and Die trade with Durban Blacksmiths in 1990.

Elsie van Niekerk

Elsie started with the company in 1990. She has risen to become the powerhouse behind the growth of the Durban Blacksmiths Brand. She has a management role in all aspects of the business and is primarily responsibble for the Financial and Business Development functions. Elsie is known for her hard work, energy and keen sense of humour.

Elsie and Les have grown with the business and with their collective service, knowledge and experience, they make a brilliant team.

Black Economic Empowerment

Durban Blacksmith is committed to the development of an empowered nation and supports the development of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) in the economy.

To this end we have undertaken to implement a number of initiatives to maximize our BBBEE compliance credentials, and will be measured using the QSE scorecard.

An example of this is Employee Skills Development. This programme encourages employees to develop their skill levels. The Company will fund identified courses and provide access to these courses by the staff. The Company have implemented ABET (Adult Basic Education Training) in English Language and Maths and will implement other appropriate Bridging Programmes, ie, provide voluntary HIV/AIDS awareness and education to all employees.

Durban Blacksmith supports a number of charities, ie: East Coast Radio Winter Warmth, Toy Story, Lifeline, Nelson Mandela Feeding Fund.

Our Factory

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